—Mantras I’ve come up with for daily life, with occasional jokes—

My art is my anchor, as well as my ship, sea, mountain, airplane, clouds, rocket and cosmos.

The opposite of fear is not courage–it goes way beyond that.
The opposite of fear is–fun!

I do my best to give you a good trip, to be the switchboard operator for your train of thought.

The eyes are not just the windows to the soul, that is too simplistic.
They are also the compass, map and steering wheel.

Wait a second–if I don’t use emojis, are you going to know how to feel about my writing?

Ultimately, nature surpasses art.
It, uh, has the size advantage.

The easier it is to articulate your values, the easier it is to live with them.

Be strong and laugh often.
To laugh is to show opposing forces how powerful you are by being vulnerable in front of them.

Don’t be afraid to take risks! Even Newton dabbled in alchemy.

Often it’s best to find your answers in places where there never are questions.

To presently live with an optimistic future because I can remember what’s great about the past and forget about the rest—that’s what my art is for.

If you know where you’re going, don’t be surprised when you get there.
If you know where you’ve been, you can go there again.

I can read your mind.
You’re thinking, “he can’t read my mind.”

You are happening for a reason.

Most news networks are not interested in fooling all the people all the time—just their own demographic.

You don’t know what you’ve written till you’ve read what you wrote.

Good heavens, these days it seems to take a lot of money and detailed planning to be footloose and fancy-free—

I like to make complex ideas easy to grasp because I need to use them every day.

This is a haiku poem I wrote about the virtues of being well-prepared and resourceful, making the best of every situation, and how to make the perfect poached egg:
egg, boiling water
if mess up, add miso paste
perfect egg drop soup

My intention is to live a happy enough life that if it ever gets made into a movie, the soundtrack would have plenty of Brazilian music.

Before facebook existed, no one knew what everyone else was eating for dinner.

“Everything is art.”
Not really.
If we could call everything art, then everything would be far too expensive.

In the city, people go to treadmills for escape.

The Google search crutch—
Nowadays people feel like, if they have checked what’s on the first three pages of a Google search, then that qualifies as extensive research.

The single biggest blindness in all of American academia, spanning, I’m sure, nearly all academic institutions, from preschools through colleges, is the lack of discussions about human relationships with our ecological world.
This must change in the next generation before we are forced to have these intense discussions on the life rafts.

We are always putting our words somewhere: where we put them matters a great deal to us and everyone else.
Here is a powerful exercise. Imagine saying “I’m confident and powerful,” and put the words inside the back of your head. Now try the front of your head, then in the throat, heart, diaphragm, belly, the groin. Notice the difference? Try with other words, also try saying out loud.
Go with whatever feels best, again and again and again…